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In my previous article I have discussed lot about the importance of Joomla and how it has created the revolution in the field of website designing. When asked from the expert of London web developers, they just said that, we prefer going for the preferences of our respected clients, but when asked to our ends we suggest them going for CMS and Joomla is our first preference.

I don't think I need to say anything else other than this on the popularity of Joomla. It's a content management system which means says that the site is dealt with the help of a database. The database supplies and stores all the contents of the user in the form of tables similar to the functionality of filling cabinet stores suited in drawers and folders.

If we go for clearer definition this means the website designed in Joomla doesn't exist in pages but in the form of database. At first a template, or blueprint, is shaped for your site, and whenever a user clicks on any link of your website data is automatically created and it further feed the same data in the template. This result in the viewing of the page and the entire process is called dynamic content generation. Now, one can ask why it is called the dynamic content generation the answer is very simple ‘the content on the page is dynamically created immediately after the user click on it.

Content and Style in Joomla

Let us proceed further and try to know other advantages of Joomla from experience web developers London. The developers and now user also prefer Joomla because in this system content is totally different from design. For instance if you are using another authoring tool or hand coded web pages then it is but obvious that you would be familiar with style sheets called CSS. It is a way to regulate the arrangement and layout of text and graphics. Joomla employ CSS information by accounting and saving it in the file (template). And the content that is textual are stored in MYSQL database. This all procedure of arranging and storing is done with a purpose, motive and benefits. Let us look on those advantages.

  • Joomla has minimized the chances of simpler coding errors that HTML file were used to. So less error with Joomla
  • HTML files need not to be hand-coded, but as an alternative it can be abridged or corrected through the Joomla WYSIWYG interface.
  • Other formats like bold, underline and italic are easy and simple to use. The pattern however is standardized.
  • CSS files are easily accessible and can be easily changed by anyone who so ever is familiar with CSS. And even if you are not familiar with CSS and you have no time to check it out. You will not find difficulty in searching for the developer who is comfortable with CSS.
  • If you have planned or presently building a website, you can use pre built template. So, tell good bye to the code. An in-case you need something very precise, you can bring a template developer who will be assisting you in creating it.
  • And finally if you are familiar with FrontPage and Dreamweaver or any other web authoring software you can easily familiarize yourself with Joomla.
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Content Management System and Joomla

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This article was published on 2011/07/19